The BEST hair mask ever!

Coconut oil has been my favorite hair mask for about a decade. I have always had thick hair, but in 2012 my hair was dry, damaged, and very thin at the ends - a result of daily heat styling and too much blonde. I think I first learned about coconut oil treatments on Pinterest, and, forever a DIY beauty lover, I decided to give it a shot.

For the next few weeks, coconut oil hair masks became my Sunday night ritual. I separated my hair into sections, slathered it from root to end, then pulled it up into two braids or a large bun. A few weeks later I saw my hair dresser, who asked what I had been using because my hair had “transformed”. This is the one and only time a stylist has commented on a noticeable change to my hair.

I LOVE all things beauty! And since then I have tried every hair mask on the market, but nothing works as well as coconut oil. I am also very into clean ingredients, but won’t swap beauty products until I find something that performs as well as the professional or luxury beauty products I love.

Coconut oil is clean (just one ingredient), affordable (get the organic tub at Costco!), and easy to use. Nowadays I'll leave it in for as long as I am able to - sometimes days :D When I’m ready, I’ll double wash my hair and style it as usual. This used to be my Sunday night ritual, but now I do it once a month, sometimes more if my hair really needs it. My hair is always so soft, moisturized and healthy after!

Let me know if you try it!

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