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Wellness can be overwhelming. I get it, and I've been there.

We are going to ditch the fad diets and wellness gimmicks, and focus on simple, realistic habits that will make a lasting impact.
By addressing the root cause and empowering you to intuitively develop simple, sustainable habits, you will reach milestones in all areas that contribute to your full health: relationships, social life, physical activity, career, home environment, spirituality, etc. This tailored approach will guide you in becoming the master of a healthy body for the greatest joy, wellbeing, longevity, and true holistic healing. 

You are the biggest advocate of your health and life. I'll help you stay accountable so that you will feel amazing, look amazing, have better relationships, and be a powerful leader in your life as you create a beautiful holistic and healthy lifestyle. I am committed to inspiring women like you to find the trust, confidence and power within yourself, so that you can have the confidence to be self-advocates for a better world. 
Step One: Sign-up for a complimentary 30-minute consultation so I can get to know YOU as we go over your full health history. We'll cover everything from your history with food, eating and exercise, to social life, main health concerns, medical information, and spiritual health. Then, we'll discuss your goals moving forward. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions to ensure we are a good fit!

Step Two: After your consultation, you can book from your Healthie account, or below! 

What's the Difference?
The Complete Glow-Up is recommended for all new clients. We will meet twice a month for six months and you will have the most access to me throughout our six months together. The Glow-Up is recommended after you complete your 6-month program, or to anyone who has 1-2 very specific goals. We will meet once a month for six months and you will be able to email me or instant message me for advice, though response times are faster with the The Complete Glow-Up program.

Both programs include:
  • Intuitive goal setting with 1-2 simple, actionable recommendations you can implement before each session
  • Materials personalized for your health goals (recipe guides, journal prompts, and other resources)
  • Mix of traditional approaches and natural alternatives
  • Halfway check-in to see all of the areas you have grown

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