Gochugaru Aioli

This gochugaru aioli is 🀌🏽🀌🏽 This makes a great marinade, dip for veggies (I’m thinking grilled artichokes), creamy dressing (just thin out with a little water or olive oil), or aioli for chicken salad!

I used my Gochugaru Aioli as a spread for kimchi burgers: Grill @forceofnaturemeats beef burgers, spread a layer of gochugaru aioli, top with tomatoes and kimchi, then wrap in lettuce. SO GOOD. Lmk if you try it!

What is gochugaru? Gochugaru is a Korean chili powder like red pepper flakes or Aleppo pepper made from sun-dried peppers. It’s essential to make gochujang, a delicious Korean paste!




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