Hearty Winter Salad + Ginger Pomegranate Vinaigrette

I love colorful hearty salads! The star of the show is the vinaigrette! I used my favorite winter fruit, pomegranate, and my morning must have, ginger puree

For the salad ingredients, really anything goes. Start off with hearty leafy greens like baby kale (which I find easier to digest than other kale) and shaved radicchio, then add anything you have in the fridge. The more color, the better! Use a mandoline to help you prep the raw salad ingredients. This will save you so much time and result in a more professional looking salad. I also recommend adding one cooked veggie, but avocado would work well instead. Top it off with a handful of winter nuts, seeds, pomegranates, and voila! A beautiful winter salad.


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