Homemade Marinated Artichoke Hearts

I have been in a food obsession drought since persimmons and pomegranates went out of season, but here we are - so close to artichoke season! Last year I showed you how I batch grill artichokes, but this year I am obsessed with making marinated artichoke hearts at home and want you to be as well!

Marinated artichoke hearts are so delicious, and surprisingly easy to prepare at home. Store bought versions often contain cheap inflammatory oils, additives, preservatives or undisclosed spices. The ONLY clean store bought version I have found is by @seggianofoods, but they are always sold out in my area.

Making marinated artichokes at home takes about fifteen minutes and allows you to play with flavor profiles! The version below is a very straightforward marinade, but I have also used roasted garlic, added Aleppo pepper for a spicy kick, and roasted or grilled the artichokes.

I have already used this recipe several times for my clients: to make a frittata with marinated artichokes and pickled red onions, and in an olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade. They are so versatile and give a punch to any recipe.

Let me know if you make them!




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