Pistacchio - Mint Pesto (Dairy Free)

This pesto is so good, versatile and completely dairy free. It's also a great way to sneak in ALL the greens 😏I have used this recipe multiple times in the last month for my clients - on this pesto gnocchi, pizza, with sausage and honeynut squash, as a veggie dip, etc. ⁠

To keep it light and fresh I like to add a little olive oil to my pesto for flavor, then thin it out to the desired consistency with water. ⁠

You can keep the recipe ratios, but swap the ingredients for whatever herbs or nuts you have on hand. Arugula, watercress, baby kale, or beet tops would work well instead of carrot tops. Use tarragon or parsley instead of mint, and brazil nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds instead of pistachios and pine nuts. Play around with it! You really can't go wrong.

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