Pumpkin Caramel Ganache

If you love fall and chocolate then you’ll love my pumpkin caramel ganache. It’s totally refined sugar, grain, and dairy free but in the words of one of my clients, “tastes insane”.

This is so easy to make. Heat coconut cream and maple syrup on medium low until it turns into a deep caramel. I like the Simple cans from Native Forest because they are just coconut - no added guar gum or weird ingredients.

Whisk in pumpkin purée and pumpkin spice. I made my own pumpkin spice, but a store bought version will totally work.

When you combine the pumpkin and caramel, it will look a little scary. Trust the process. Everything will become smooth and glossy!

Pour the pumpkin caramel over Hu Chocolate gems or baking chocolate. The chocolate you choose is very important! Hu Kitchen makes the cleanest on the market - organic, dairy-free, vegan, no refined sugars, no cane sugar, no sugar alcohols, and no lecithins. Basically, no weird ingredients.

Let this rest for about a minute to allow the chocolate to slightly melt, then begin stirring clockwise from the center of the bowl, out until everything is emulsified. This will ensure the ganache doesn’t break.

You can add more pumpkin spice at this point.

I have used my pumpkin chocolate ganache to make truffles, over ice cream, as a frosting for chocolate cake, and by the spoonful. Let me know if you try it and how you use it!



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