Salted Caramel Popcorn (Refined Sugar Free)

I am not really a snacker. I'd rather have a meal or a bowl of my favorite fruits (pomegranates, figs, tomatoes, etc.) than eat processed food. A few months ago I added weekly snacks to my personal cheffing menu after a few clients requested them, and have had a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes! I decided to add a healthier version of caramel popcorn to last week's menu after being reminded of my boyfriend's popcorn story:

For the last five years Patrick has complained that I never have "munchies" in my kitchen - chips, cookies, pretzels, etc. A couple of years ago I decided to get him popcorn to satisfy the late night cravings. Most of the popcorn I found at the store was made with inflammatory oils, natural flavors, flavored butter, lecithins, emulsifiers, etc. I have strict "Don't Poison the Boyfriend" policy, so purchased the no oil, no salt version. I thought I did good until he claimed I don't understand the concept of snacks haha. 

Since then we have doctored up plain popcorn with ingredients we have on hand - usually olive oil, maldon, and spices like thyme, rosemary, and sumac. It's so fun creating combinations, and way healthier!

This is a better for you version of Salted Caramel Popcorn! Most caramel popcorn is made with refined sugars and corn syrup (gross) but this has very simple ingredients you'll feel comfortable feeding your loved ones. Plus it's SO EASY to make!

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