Shrimp Aguachile

I first had aguachile in 2020 while visiting my dad in Arizona for the holidays. He took me to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants, and while looking through the menu I knew this dish was right up my alley. Lime, cilantro, jalapeños, cucumber, avocado and shrimp? Those are all of my favorite ingredients!

Since then, I have made it a few times for myself and once for my clients. This dish needs to be eaten right away or the sauce transitions from bright and vibrant green, to very dark and muddy. It will taste good, but the presentation will not be there. My version is so pretty and colorful. You really want to eat it as soon as possible to get the full effect. This recipe is not only fresh and healthy, but one of those dishes you can whip up in thirty minutes or less.

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  • Heather, I’ve watched your show for the first time today where you made the Aguachile and blood orange margaritas. Omg, it looks delicious and would be so easy for me to prepare since I’m disabled and can’t cook much anymore. Thank you for preparing and sharing such wonderful and healthy recipes. I enjoyed watching you and will continue.

    Shelley Lewis
  • Heather
    Thank you so much my wife and I absolutely loved the recipe! I used plain radish but on our upcoming trip to Arizona than Colorado we will keep our eyes open for the radishes you used. The watermelon radish looks like it will be amazing we plan on making this recipe again and again. Thank you for sharing simple, healthy, amazing recipes full of flavor and bringing friends and family together.

    Julian Gonzalez
  • This recipe looks delicious! Would it be possible to substitute some other herb for the cilantro if I want to make it for someone who doesn’t care for the taste? Thai basil? I think parsley would be a bit bitter. Any suggestions?


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