Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (or casserole)

Stuffed cabbage rolls are not fancy or photogenic, but one of my favorite comfort foods. This is one of those dishes I’ll pick at standing in front of an open fridge because although they are best warm, they are too good cold.

There are variety of cabbage roll recipes out there, as many countries have their version: Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian, German, and even Egyptian. This recipe is a very non traditional version that possibly leans more Egyptian because of the mint. I just love how mint, meat, and tomato blend together. So aromatic. 

The method is pretty straightforward: boil cabbage leaves until they are malleable, stuff them with the remaining ingredients, cover with tomato sauce, and cook in the oven or on the stove for a few hours. I usually make my own tomato sauce for my clients, but to make your life easier use a jar of your favorite marinara sauce and some water!

If you don’t have time to roll the cabbage leaves, or if you are omitting the rice, layer everything like a casserole! Add a little marina to the bottom of your dish, alternate placing cabbage leaves and filling in single layers, then cover with the sauce. Less work, but the same flavors!

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