Stuffed Poblano Pepper Salad

I love finding new ways to present my existing recipes. It's like shopping in my own closet. When you think of cooking seasonally, you probably think of seasonal ingredients, but ingredients aren't the only part of cooking that is seasonal. Cooking methods and presentations also have their season.

I first made my Stuffed Ancestral Blend Poblano Peppers in February of 2021, but wanted to offer a lighter, spring/summer version. Instead of stuffing the poblanos and baking them for a long time like I would do for winter, I decided to cook everything on the stove and make a flavorful and bright salad.

Instead of stuffing the poblanos, I sliced them into strips, broiled them (grilling would also be great) and added the charred poblanos to the cooked meat and veggies. 

I then made my recipe for "The Best Pico de Gallo Ever", but swapped the white onion for red (they turn into such a pretty pink!) and used the pico as a salad dressing. Let's normalize using salsas as salad dressing! I topped the salad with the poblano-meat-veggie mixture and slices of avocado. 

I think this presentation looks very lady-like compared to the OG recipe, and will make the perfect summer salad!

Let me know if you try it, or other ways you switch up your favorite recipes throughout the year!

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