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Schedule your 30-Minute New Client Intro Call Before You Book!

Not ready for a 6-month program? Check out my other offerings:


We'll transform your favorite meals into healthier options that are completely tailored to your goals. I'll show you how making small adjustments to any recipe can have a huge impact on the way you feel, and your overall healing. (Max 1 person)


Do you go to the grocery store without a list only to have a refrigerator full of food go bad? I've got you! I'll show you how to plan your meal prep, adjust the recipe size of any recipe, and create a comprehensive grocery list of ingredients you have at home and need to purchase. (Max 1 person)


Let's take a look at every product you have in your pantry and refrigerator and see if they are helping you reach your goals. If we find that one isn't, we'll chat about alternatives - there is no need to restrict, as there are always healthier options! We'll also take a look at food labels to see if there are any sneaky ingredients holding you back. 


You have your grocery list... now what? I'll show you how to compare products, read labels, and answer any questions to ensure you are purchasing the items that are best for YOU and your family. We can do this in person at your local store, or Zoom via Instacart and Amazon Whole Foods. (This is a combination of the Meal Planning option + Tour. Max 1 person)


You have you meal plan and groceries, but don't know where to start? I'll help you make a plan so that you cook efficiently and don't turn your kitchen into a tornado. We can also work on cooking fundamentals! This is done in your kitchen or virtually. (Max 2 people per class)